Thought Leadership in Personal Injury

As thought leaders in our practice, we regularly write and speak in our areas of expertise. This includes writing a monthly practice column, Back Story, in Plaintiff magazine. We believe in sharing our knowledge with other lawyers – when we help each other, everyone is better served in their efforts to obtain justice. We’re providing some of our articles below. If you see anything that may help you – either as a lawyer handling a case or as a person with a claim – please contact us. We usually have more briefing and material on those subjects and we are happy to share it.

Help! I need somebody

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A few weeks ago I heard a noise from the bathroom. Our toilet kept running, ever so slightly, after getting flushed. I’ve addressed home plumbing problems before. I will readily acknowledge though I’m far better with a laptop than a pipe wrench. But I’m also a big, dumb male. This means I think I can do anything I put my…

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Second chair is much more than second fiddle – the role of the second seat in trial is to be present and anticipate

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I watched the exchange from down the hall. I wasn’t quite sure what was wrong – a missing exhibit, exam outline, witness, or the lead attorney’s favorite pen. Obviously the second seat had done something that the lead felt was an error. The muted acidity in his tone virtually stripped paint from the hallway wall. “That’s going to improve the…

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What the camera does not show

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Turning surveillance video to your client’s advantage We were packing the last box for the trip up to Placer County when it arrived. Sub rosa [1], or surveillance, video of our client. We stopped packing to review it. Ten minutes of video shot over two separate five-day periods. Our client, with a neck injury, exhibiting a full range of motion…

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A Lawyer for all Seasons

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Successful lawyering requires many different skills The jury panel sat in the box, in rapt attention. The man talking was one hell of a defense lawyer. Old school, pre-discovery act. He told stories – none of that computer slide show crap – and jurors listened. The plaintiff’s lawyer was nervous – as one should be when you dance with the…

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Relax, I’m a Professional

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Understanding bicycling experts in the context of urban riding’s evolution The plaintiff’s lawyer sat in the conference room, hoping the expert would eventually answer her question. “I’ve been doing this for over forty years,” explained the bicycle expert in a condescending way, barely omitting a “little lady” at the end. “And during that time we’ve trained vehicular cyclists to…” The…

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